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City Pass

Read more about City passes. 24 hours or 72 hours tickets to public transport in Copenhagen.


The metro is located right above terminal 3.
All the trains go in the same direction from the airport (M2 to Vanløse Station), so you do not have to worry about getting on the wrong train.

The trains run with 4-6 minutes intervals during the day and evening. During the night the train runs every 15-20 minutes. It will take you 13 minutes to get to Nørreport Station (hub in city centre) from the airport.

Tickets can be bought at the metro station and at the DSB ticket sales counter in terminal 3. By the baggage claim you can also find purchase machines.

Please note that the machines only accept coins and all major credit cards, not notes.

The train station is located by terminal 3. You can take a free shuttle bus from terminal 1 to terminal 3, which will take 5 minutes.

The trains run every 10 minutes during the day and will get you to Copenhagen Central Station in about 13 minutes. During the night the trains run 1-3 times an hour.

Citypass tickets can be bought at the ticket machines in terminal 3 just above the railway, and at the DSB ticket sales counter, also located in terminal 3. Please note that the machines only accept coins and all major credit cards, not notes.

Bus 5C will take you directly to Copenhagen Central Station, City Hall Square, Nørreport and other stations. It takes about 30-35 minutes from the airport to the Central Station.

The bus runs every 10 minutes at day. The bus runs all night as well, but not as often.
Tickets can be bought at the ticket machines in terminal 3, or you can buy a ticket on the bus. Please note that the bus drivers only accept coins.

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Taxis can pick up passengers at terminal 1 and 3 and will get you to downtown Copenhagen in about 20 minutes depending on traffic.

Taxis are usually waiting outside each terminal.

It will cost approximately DKK 250-300 to the city center.

From the City center to the HC Ørsted Institute

From Nørreport St. the bus 150S (towards Gl. Holte Øverødvej) will take you to Universitetsparken (Nørre Allé). The bus runs every 5 -10 minutes during the day and it takes about 8 - 10 minutes.

From Copenhagen Central Station take the S-train to Nørrepost St. The S-train runs very 5 minutes and it takes 3 minutes. Then take a bus from Nørrepost St.